May 20, 2014


This spring,  a new boss was brought into my life.  He is high energy and absolutely the opposite of my most recent boss. YAY!

As this season blooms in and outside my workplace, I am reminded that we go through seasons in our lives as well.  Our lives,  Our work lives and our relationships all go through seasons.

Change is all around us and we have to remember that only God is constant.   His wOrd, His promises and His mercy are constant.

So just a quick note to remind all of us...

Love God and the rest will follow!

May 12, 2014


Several religions speak of the world being balanced, the people need to be balanced, the difference in good and bad karma or vibes that you put into the universe. Its important to always stay "centered" it was even covered in a Boy Meets World episode.  It's all fine and dandy but am I left in charge of making sure that everything is balanced?

I sure hope not!

I cant even balance out the level of how much honey I need in my green tea everyday.

Last week was  leaning pretty heavily towards negative, filled with criticism and just plain harsh.  However in a matter of hours, my outlook changed. Why? Because thankfully I am not in charge of balancing the universe.

My Jesus took care of me.

I was reminded that there are people who belong to my eternal family who matter so much more than the others. And while my heart yearns for all to come to know my loving and just Jesus, I also have to be aware that not every sentiment  from the non-believers should be taken so seriously.

He also brought happiness and laughter back into my week. I stand amazed at the love, care and prayers.  And now, I begin this week with a different attitude.

Love God and the rest will follow.

May 10, 2014

Be careful...

I am sitting in a cafe staring into the city I have loved since I was 13.

Daughtry's 'home' is playing.

Then it switches to 6th avenue heartache by The Wallflowers.  It dawns on me... I am sitting on 6 1/2 avenue and my heart aches right now.

I know I know... emo.

But you see my heart doesn't ache because someone broke it (that was last month.)  My heart breaks because sin overtook my pastor. My pastor of over 10 yrs, chose sin over Jesus and then he had to step down because the sin separated him from God.

They took him away in all mediums: media and otherwise.  It almost feels like he never existed.  But he did exist! I can hear him in my head. I can see him when I pray for him. I know that he will never return as the senior pastor but i know he can use this experience to minister to folks.

But that's not on the horizon yet. He has to be restored,  his family has to be restored.  His relationships have to be restored.

I think of the song 'amazed' by Lonestar.  Its not about God but in this moment,  it is to me.  GOD IS ALREADY THERE! He is in the situation,  He is with my pastor, the family and like my pastor used to say 'look up to Jesus not any man.'

Love God and the rest will follow!